Vattiyoorkavu Kachani New House

Vattiyoorkavu house  for sale Vattiyoorkavu Real Estate properties for sale Trivandrum Vattiyoorkavu new house sale with pictures 2013 house sale ads in Vattiyoorkavu Kachani

Property situated at High School Junction.
Land area 5.5 Cents, 2200 sq.ft.
Ground Floor : 2 Bedrooms (Attached), Sit Out, Hall, Kitchen, Work area.
Outside Bathroom, 2 Bedrooms have Air Conditioned.
First Floor : 2 Bedrooms (Attached), 1 Study Room, Balcony.
2 Bedrooms have Air Conditioned.
2 Car Parking Space,
Water and Electricity (3 Phase) facility available.
Car access.
Contact  : Mr. Moni.
Mob       : +91 9388238294.

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